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Music Instruction That Lasts A Lifetime

10114 Woodfield Lane - Where Musicians Come to Play



Founded by Nora Teipen in 1992, Teipen Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a complete musical experience to musicians of all ages!​
With the very best in well-educated instructors who are extensively experienced in performing and teaching, Teipen Performing Arts is an exciting environment for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.  

ENROLLING STUDENTS for Virtual and In-Studio Lessons

Call 314-727-0524 to Schedule an Interview

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 4.16.57 PM.png
Our teachers love to teach - and perform!
The Lakme' "Flower Song"
Tamara Campbell - Soprano, Nora Teipen - Mezzo Soprano,
Gail Heinz - Collaborative Pianist 

Our Neighborhood is Changing!
Click Here for Previews of Things to Come

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